Myrtle and Wave

Who we are


Myrtle & Wave is an architecture and design studio. We practice structure and flow. Our Ying Yang approach to both design and life is what makes our studio whole. Our approach is personalized. It starts with unearthing our client’s desires, and results in spaces that are beautifully refined and inspiring in composition and efficiency.

While crafting the vision of a space, we become our client’s eyes and heart. By acting as the sole conductors of the remodeling orchestra, our practice offers our clients a peace of mind and a great attention to detail.

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Hadas Brayer, Architect & Designer

I believe the ideal design is fundamentally dependent on one’s character, daily life and culture. This is the context that drives my work - designing environments that enrich their inhabitants. I draw on my fascination from the textures that make up the very fabric of a place. I get my kick from solving layouts in challenging NY spaces. 

After receiving my B.arch at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, I practiced architecture at an award-winning NYC firm where I became a registered NYC architect. In 2015 I broke away from office life and free soloed at my own studio 'Hadas Brayer Architecture and Design'. After a handful of successful collaborating with Galsylenco, we joined creative forces and formed Myrtle & Wave, gathering a loyal following of clients who look to refine their properties into their dream space.

Gal Zak, Designer & Stylist

I love fabulous style, books, textures…and everything GREEN. My world travels ignited deep-seated inspiration and passion for style. Being a digital UX designer and self-confessed shopaholic, professionally practicing design and style was pretty much inevitable for me. I believe it’s the little things that count. Small details work flawlessly to craft an elegant bigger picture, transforming a simple wall into a great wall, and a house into an OMG home. I am creative by nature, treating every space I work on like my own. I shop for plants as if I’ll water them, couches that I’d love to watch movies all night on, and offices as if that is where my first coffee would be everyday. Hadas was my go to Architect for many projects, and joining ventures was like walking in a natural path.